Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cruisin' to Grand Haven

Yesterday, Saturday, June 11, 2009 was the first trek of our vacation cruise of the Lake Michigan coastline. We left South Haven at 1:35 p.m. and headed to Grand Haven, our first destination port. Excited, anxious and ready for a new venture we head out with two to three foot waves...and yes, some four footers too.

Not to make this trip any different than those of the past. there was excitement! As we headed towards Port Sheldon an arlarm went off. Yes thats right - trouble. The alarm to tell us that the alternator was not charging was buzzing.

My anxiety went up and for good cause. Ten or eleven years ago we took a birthday cruise in our 26' Starcraft and had an outdrive go out - just outside Port Sheldon's harbor. Last year, heading to Pentwater, one of engine transmissions began overheading - just poast Port Sheldon. Is this the Harden's Bermuda Triangle? Hmmmmmm........

All of the gauges were reading properly and Craig made a quick check of the alternator. We were about 15 minutes from Grand Haven so he cancelled the buzzer, turned on the generator, and we continued on.

As the pictures show we arrived safely at North Shore Marina around 4:30. This marina is the first marina you see as you enter past the pier heads. It is a very nice, clean, and friendly marina. Thankfully, it is also a Cruiser dealer and we are going to get an spare alternator - just in case :).

Last night we had dinner with Deb Newson and her husband Terry. We went to a Old Boys' Brewhouse in Spring Lake. It was a really great time. The micro-brewery was wallpapered with puppy photos and had a dog theme. We couldn't find any akita's so our good ole' Nikko will have a portrait taken as soon as I get home to send to Old Boys'.

Today we are heading to Frankfurt, just north of Ludington. Will have more photos posted tomorrow. Craig is getting antsy and wants me to get ready to leave. Check things out later tonight if I have time to add more pics after we arrive in Frankfurt.
Signing off. Sunday, July 12, 2009 10:31 a.m.

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